International Capital Management

The International Capital Management business, has been developed specifically to give international residents details relating to a service that will convert their liquid capital into offshore assets, in privacy, confidentiality, security and with the protection of their funds.



Gold bars



The advantage of converting funds to gold is that it is easy to buy, is stored in secured locations with quick and easy access. Importantly it attracts less attention and legal requirements now required in the purchase of most other assets.


Luxury Real Estate, Worldwide

Buying property as an asset in the UK or the EU is becoming even more difficult, in fact even buying luxury items in these areas is now subject to stronger regulations being imposed by national governments in these areas.

As an international residents looking to convert, relocate and internationalise liquid capital into overseas assets we suggest that you consider other offshore location who have less rigorous regulations relating to the purchase, or seriously consider the option of buying gold.

If property is still a chosen choice, we can supply details of properties and prices outside of these areas. Simply supply us with details of the type of property and a price guide you wish to pay and we will supply you with a list we think may be of interest to you.

On receiving instruction on a selected choice of property, we would then enter negotiations on your behalf to complete the purchase as instructed by you. All transactions will be in completed in complete privacy, confidentiality and securely.



Florida Oceanfront Estate

Elegant New Direct Oceanfront Estate
Palm Beach Florida: 8 Bed 12 Baths. Price $59,000,000




Contact Details

International Capital Management the trading name of,
Anglo Pacific Holdings Ltd (Seychelles IBC)

Email: icm-ltd@gmx.com

For further information in the first instance please contact by email. Phone contact number to follow if required.

Meetings can be arranged.