International Capital Management

International Capital Management, developed specifically for international clients looking to convert, relocate and internationalize their liquid capital. The company can facilitate this requirement for clients with the options to purchase gold or properties on their behalf, ensuring privacy, confidentiality, security and protection of funds.



Gold bars



Gold CombiBars

Gold CombiBars


The advantage of gold is that it is easy to buy, is stored in secured locations in the UK, can be sold quickly giving clients easy access to funds as required. The purchase of gold attracts far less attention and legal requirements than is required in the purchase of properties. Gold offers a hedge against inflation, volatile currency fluctuation and protects personal savings.

Clients are offered an extensive range of gold items from standard gold bars to CombiBars. CombiBars are a unique investment product, manufactured with accurate predetermined breaking points that can be separated easily without any loss of material.

  • Contains a total of 50 Grams (1.608 oz) of 999.9 pure gold.
  • Divisible into 50 individual bars weighing 1 Gram.

Funds for the purchase of gold will be transferred into UK located banks.


Luxury Real Estate, Worldwide

Sotheby’s International Realty network provides access to luxury real estate and homes for sale worldwide. The website lets buyers search property listings globally, from a large inventory of luxury homes that match lifestyle choices such as waterfront, golf, island, vacation, mountain and many others.

Potential buyers can select a property they wish to purchase from the web site www.sothebysrealty.com then inform ICM of their choice. ICM will then complete the purchase of the selected property as instructed by the client. All transactions will be in completed in complete privacy, confidentiality and securely.



Florida Oceanfront Estate

Elegant New Direct Oceanfront Estate
Palm Beach Florida: 8 Bed 12 Baths. Price $59,000,000




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